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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What makes your group different than the others in the area?

A: FAMC started in 2005, so our group has been around far longer than other groups in the area. In that time, we have built significant contacts in the community. Because we have a membership fee, we find our members are more invested in the group., they are more involved in the club and tend to stay longer. Our club also has a Board, which means we have a dedicated group of moms who volunteer their time to help plan events and help build a stronger club.  We also have private mom-to-mom buy-sell and fitness groups on Facebook.


Q: Is there a cost to join?

A: Yes. We have a $35 annual membership fee. This allows us to plan several bigger events per year. In the past, we have had free family events at Pump-it-up, private hayrides with refreshments at Heritage park, and free to reduced-cost moms' nights out, just to name a few. Members often comment that they feel like they get much more out of the club because of these bigger events.


Q: What are "Meet and Greets"?

A: A Meet and Greet is an event where moms who are not members of FAMC (yet) are invited to attend to learn more about the group. Prospective members are allowed to attend 2 meet and greet before they decide if they would like to join. Attending a Meet and Greet is not required before joining. 


Q: How large is your group?

A: We currently have around 50 members. This includes a mix of stay-at-home moms, working moms, and a few in-between.


Q: Do you have to be a resident of Farmington/Farmington Hills?

A: Absolutely not! We have members all over Metro Detroit, including Canton, Commerce, Livonia, Novi, South Lyon, and West Bloomfield!


Q: What kind of time commitment will I have to make?

A: When you join the FAMC, you agree to complete at least 3 acts of volunteerism to benefit the club and its members during the year.  This can mean planning a play date, arranging a community involvement event, or bringing a meal to a mom that just had a baby. Most members have no problem meeting and exceeding this commitment.


Q: I have an infant and an older child. Can I bring my preschooler to an infant play date? Or vice versa?

A: Yes. We understand that, realistically, your children have different age gaps. Most moms are happy to have all ages attend the event. Just let the mom know, and they will respond with any restrictions they might have on toys and activities for them to do.

Q: When do you usually meet?

A: We have a varying calendar of events that are created by our members. We have several weekday events, weekend events, and evening events. We also have a general meeting every other month that members are encouraged to attend.


Q: How do your moms stay connected to each other?

A: We have a private Facebook page our moms use to chat, ask questions, and connect with each other.

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